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Personal Records & Reports

Keeping track of your personal records and what they say about you can go a long way in helping you ensure that your identity remains safe. That's why PrivacyGuard provides an array of ways to help you keep track of your personal records.

Driving Record

As a PrivacyGuard customer, you can be reimbursed when you request your driving record. Consisting of your driving history, your driving record could impact your ability to gain employment, receive insurance and obtain other benefits.

Get your driving record.

Neighborhood Report

Whether you're traveling to an unfamiliar town or moving to a new area, PrivacyGuard's Neighborhood Reports provide statistics on neighborhoods across the United States. Each neighborhood report provides information on demographics, crime rates, housing data and more.

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MIB File

The MIB houses a database of information about people who have applied for a variety of health related insurance. If you have a file at the MIB, PrivacyGuard can help you obtain it at no cost, or reimburse the charges associated with obtaining your records.

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Reviewing Your Personal Records Through PrivacyGuard

PrivacyGuard makes it easy to obtain and review your personal records for accuracy. Best of all, you can enjoy easy access to your personal records — as well as enjoy all of PrivacyGuard's many credit and identity benefits — when you sign up to try PrivacyGuard. Sign up today, and learn what your personal records say about you.