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Identity Theft
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The Dangers of Identity Theft

When someone steals your identity, it's like they are taking part of your life away. In addition, the theft of your identity can keep on impacting you long after the actual loss of your identity occurs, through fraudulent charges or crimes being made in your name and the potential loss of your ability to use and obtain credit. In fact, even a spotless credit profile can be tarnished, at least temporarily, as a result of identity theft.

How PrivacyGuard Identity Theft Protection Works

PrivacyGuard identity theft protection gives you a multitude of powerful tools at your fingertips, and further supplements it with professional guidance and support. Every day, PrivacyGuard scans your Experian, Equifax and TransUnion credit files — the three major national credit reporting agencies — and alerts you if certain changes occur. If an inquiry is made on your credit or a new account is opened, PrivacyGuard alerts you of this change and provides the support you need to help correct any issues. In addition, your triple-bureau credit report and VantageScore credit scores™ are available for you to review every month, enabling you to see your entire credit picture and help ensure that it remains accurate. See details.

For your security, simply complete the authentication process on the website after you enroll in PrivacyGuard. You cannot access your Credit Report and Scores or start your Credit Monitoring and Alerts until you verify your identity.

How PrivacyGuard Helps You Recover from Identity Theft

If your identity becomes compromised while you're a PrivacyGuard customer, you'll receive support and guidance to help you restore your good name. PrivacyGuard's extensive team of fraud recovery professionals will help you every step of the way in recovering your identity. This includes helping you contact creditors, filing paperwork and streamlining the credit dispute process.

As a PrivacyGuard member, you also have unlimited access to the Credit Information Hotline, a toll-free support center that helps you understand every aspect of your credit report. Spotting inaccuracies in credit reports can be tricky, but the Credit Information Hotline helps you wade through all your credit information and can assist you in disputing any inaccurate information contained in your credit files.

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