Site & Technical Questions

Membership Questions

When can I begin using my benefits?

You can begin using PrivacyGuard as soon as you enroll.

How long does it take to receive my credit report?

After your identity is verified, you will receive your online credit report within seconds of requesting it.

As a PrivacyGuard member, do I need to pay for my credit report each time I request it?

PrivacyGuard members are entitled to receive a new credit report every 30 days at no additional charge.

Can you make corrections to my credit report?

No. Only the appropriate institution can change your records. However, PrivacyGuard provides members with printable dispute forms as well as toll-free assistance in helping you to understand your reports.

How secure and confidential is your website?

The PrivacyGuard website runs on a highly secure web server. Also, the SSL connection scrambles or encrypts data on pages where secure information is transmitted, further safeguarding your information while it passes through cyberspace. In addition, PrivacyGuard meets the requirements of both the VeriSign and Cybertrust security seals.

PrivacyGuard ensures that your information remains confidential between you and the respective credit agencies. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policies.

How do I cancel my membership?

Contact customer service toll-free at 1-800-374-8273, email, or visit

What is your Privacy Policy?

To view our Privacy Policies, please visit our Privacy Policies page.

Where do you get the information for the comprehensive credit report?

The information in your credit report is compiled from the three national credit reporting agencies: Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. The information is merged into one easy-to-read report, which gives a complete picture of your credit history. All information is kept strictly confidential.

Do you have a copy of my reports?

No. The transaction remains confidential between you and the national credit reporting agencies.

How long will my online credit score be available?

You will have access to your credit score for 30 days. After 30 days, a new credit report will be available for viewing.

Where can I find my membership number?

Your membership number can be found in your membership materials or in the welcome email that was sent to you after you enrolled in PrivacyGuard. If you have not received this email, please call customer service to obtain your member number.

Technical Questions

Why was I unable to access my credit report?

PrivacyGuard often delivers online credit reports in seconds. But there are instances when we are prohibited from doing so. These include:

  • We are unable to verify your identity. Before receiving your credit report, you must complete an authentication process. If some or all of these verification questions are answered incorrectly, you will have the option of going through further verification over the phone with a trained representative from our Credit Information Hotline.
  • The credit reporting agency does not have adequate information on file to compile a credit report. Individuals with little or no credit history will generally not be able to view a report.
  • We are experiencing a temporary technical issue.
  • One of the three credit reporting agencies is temporarily down.
I forgot my Username and Password. What should I do?

Click on "Member Login" at the top right-hand side of the homepage. Next, click on "Recover Here" underneath "Forgot Username?" on the right column of the Member login page. Next, complete the required fields.

Your username and/or password will be emailed to your address on file.

What is your authentication process and what happens if I don't get authenticated instantly?

For your protection, if your identity cannot be authenticated you will have the option of going through further verification over the phone with a trained representative from our Credit Information Hotline.

Why can't I use the calculators and/or the What-If-Simulator tools on the website?

Some tools require that you have Java Virtual Machine (JVM) browser plug-in installed on your computer. You can download the plug-in at this location:

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1 Trilegiant Corporation, Trilegiant Insurance Services, Inc., and Alliance Marketing Association and their credit information subcontractors shall not have any liability for the accuracy of the information contained in the credit reports, credit scores, Credit Alert® reports or other reports which you receive in connection with the PrivacyGuard service, including any liability for damages, direct or indirect, consequential or incidental.

2 Your CreditXpert® Scores™ are provided by CreditXpert Inc. Although these scores are not used by lenders to evaluate your credit, they are intended to reflect common credit scoring practices and are designed to help you understand your credit. Your scores are based on information from the files at the three major credit reporting agencies. Your scores may not be identical or similar to scores you receive directly from those agencies or from other sources.

3 Daily monitoring will notify you of certain new inquiries and derogatory information, accounts, public records, or change of address that have been added to your credit reports as reported by one of the major credit reporting agencies. If no information has been added or changed, then you will receive a quarterly notification stating that no information has changed within your credit file.

PrivacyGuard is a service of Trilegiant Corporation in conjunction with Trilegiant Insurance Services, Inc. and Alliance Marketing Association. Trilegiant Insurance Services, Inc. does not receive any compensation from the sale of the identity theft insurance benefit included as part of the PrivacyGuard service. Any part of the service may be modified or improved at any time and without prior notice. PrivacyGuard is not available to residents of Rhode Island. PrivacyGuard and Credit Alert are registered service marks of Affinion Publishing, LLC.