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Secure Keyboard and Secure Browser

The Digital Protection app by PrivacyGuard provides you access to the Mobile Secure Keyboard which protects and keeps your personal conversations secure by encrypting keystrokes and protecting information from Malware, allowing you to surf, share, shop, and bank with confidence on your mobile and tablet devices. The Secure Browser is a data and identity theft prevention software that protects you from keylogging and phishing threats that target confidential information by safeguarding your internet browsing at home and on your mobile device, so no one can see or intercept what you're typing, giving you peace of mind.

Certificate Error Warning Message

Certificate Pinning validates the correct server connection by recording the correct site certificate. It prevents interception of sensitive information. Logging on to a website (you are unaware) that's passing all of the information exchanged between you and the website to a criminal via an intermediary.

Jailbreak Warning Message

Jailbroken or Rooted alerts notify you that the phone is open to security threats. "Jailbreaking" is the process of removing app software restrictions imposed by the phone operating system so the app can run with higher privileges thereby negating certain security features in the device.

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