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Driving Record Reimbursement

Your credit report isn't the only document that you should check regularly for signs of identity theft. In fact, identity theft warnings can show up in a variety of places, some of which you may have never considered. One such document is your driving record.

Why Checking Your Driving Record is Important

Your driving record is an accounting of your personal driving history, and includes a great deal of personal information including driving infractions, suspensions, accidents, points and restrictions. In addition, employers, landlords, insurance companies and other organizations can access your driving record. In fact, your driver's record is among the primary tools that auto insurance companies use to set your rates. That's why you need to ensure that your driver's record is correct. If your record shows infractions or accidents that you never committed, it could impact your ability to gain employment, receive insurance and obtain other benefits.

In addition, reviewing your driving record may alert you to identity theft. If a number of infractions appear on your record with which you are unaware, it may mean that someone has duplicated your license and is committing infractions in your name. If this is the case, you'll need to alert the DMV right away in order to help clear your good name.

Driving Record Reimbursement with PrivacyGuard

PrivacyGuard understands the importance of ensuring that your driving record is accurate. So PrivacyGuard will reimburse you for one driving record request each year. PrivacyGuard even includes a request form right on its website, making it even easier to submit your request to your local DMV.

Getting Started with PrivacyGuard's Driving Record Reimbursement

Driving record reimbursement is just one of many benefits you will enjoy as a PrivacyGuard customer. Best of all, you can try all of PrivacyGuard's credit and identity protection services right now. Sign up today, and see what your driving record says about you.