A new identity
      fraud victim
      every 2 seconds 

(Scores developed by CreditXpert®p, Inc.1)

A new identity
 fraud victim
   every 2 seconds 

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Access Your Credit Report & Scores

Get fast and secure access to your 3 bureau credit report1 and scores2 based on data from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. You'll know exactly where your credit stands with your combined personal credit information from each of the bureaus, all in one easy-to-read report.

Trilegiant Corporation, Trilegiant Insurance Services, Inc., and Alliance Marketing Association and their credit information subcontractors shall not have any liability for the accuracy of the information contained in the credit reports, credit scores, Credit Alert® reports or other reports which you receive in connection with the PrivacyGuard service, including any liability for damages, direct or indirect, consequential or incidental.

Your CreditXpert® Scores™ are provided by CreditXpert Inc. Although these scores are not used by lenders to evaluate your credit, they are intended to reflect common credit scoring practices and are designed to help you understand your credit. Your scores are based on information from the files at the three major credit reporting agencies. Your scores may not be identical or similar to scores you receive directly from those agencies or from other sources.

Daily monitoring will notify you of any new inquiries, certain derogatory information, accounts, public records, or change of address that have been added to your credit reports as reported by any of the three major credit reporting agencies. If no information has been added or changed, then you will receive a monthly notification stating that no information has changed within your credit file.

PrivacyGuard is a service of Trilegiant Corporation in conjunction with Trilegiant Insurance Services, Inc. and Alliance Marketing Association. Trilegiant Insurance Services, Inc. does not receive any compensation from the sale of the identity theft insurance benefit included as part of the PrivacyGuard service. Any part of the service may be modified or improved at any time and without prior notice. PrivacyGuard is not available to residents of Rhode Island. PrivacyGuard and Credit Alert are registered service marks of Affinion Publishing, LLC.

Advanced Identity Theft Protection at Your Fingertips

Help protect your credit and guard against identity theft with daily credit monitoring3 of your files at the 3 major credit bureaus — Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Receive quick notification by text, email or phone when certain changes occur in your credit files.

3 Bureau Credit Report & Scores

Try PrivacyGuard for only $1 for the first 14 days. If you don't cancel within the 14-day trial period, you will be billed $19.99 per month until you cancel your membership.

Our Award-Winning Resolution Team is Always by Your Side

Ranked No. 1 in Customer Service by Contact Center World, PrivacyGuard's award-winning resolution team is here to help! Your personal resolution expert is available to help you every step of the way if you should become a victim of identity theft. Sign up for peace of mind »

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