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MIB File Reimbursement

Just as you need to guard your financial information, you also need to protect your medical information against misuse. Medical identity fraud is a growing problem. Not only could it lead to charges for medical procedures as a result of someone else posing as you, but it could impact the records that doctors and pharmacists have on you, placing you in potential danger for mistreatment based on diagnoses and procedures that you never had. PrivacyGuard can help you keep up with some of your medical records by providing reimbursement for your MIB file.

Your MIB File

Your MIB file contains information that you have provided to insurance companies regarding issues that may impact your health or longevity. This could include certain medical conditions, medical tests and even the participation in risky activities such as being a pilot or enjoying rock climbing as a hobby. The information in your file can then be used by insurance companies to assess your insurance risk. Companies that typically utilize MIB files include organizations that provide individually written policies for health, life, disability, long-term care and critical illness insurance.

Reviewing your MIB file can help you identify whether the information is correct and does not contain any inaccuracies that could harm you if you are seeking an insurance policy like the ones mentioned above. While not everyone will have a MIB file, PrivacyGuard makes it easy to find out if you have one, and if so, discover what it says about you.

Getting Reimbursed for Your MIB File

PrivacyGuard makes it easy to request — and get reimbursed for — your MIB file. Best of all, you can enjoy all of PrivacyGuard's many benefits right now. Sign up today, and see what your MIB file says about you.