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Knowledge is power, so having a good education in identity protection is always helpful. PrivacyGuard provides not only the tools, but also the education you need, to help you become well versed in identity protection. Take some time to explore the PrivacyGuard site to learn about the features, advice and support that PrivacyGuard offers to help you keep your identity safe.

Identity Theft Education: What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft refers to any situation where an unscrupulous individual uses your name, credit information or other personal information in order to fraudulently achieve a goal. This can include using your name and driver's license information to commit legal infractions that will go on your criminal record, using your bank account number to take money out of your account, using your Social Security number to secure a loan, using your credit card number to make purchases with no intent of paying the money back, or using your credit profile to open up a line of credit. Identity theft is about fraud. It's about using your good name to steal. And because of this, identity theft can cost you a great deal in time, fees, emotional pain and even damage to your reputation.

How PrivacyGuard Helps Prevent Identity Theft

PrivacyGuard places an array of helpful identity protection tools right at your fingertips, and backs it up with the support you need to get the most out of your protection. Each day, PrivacyGuard scans your credit files at the three national credit reporting agencies — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — and alerts you of certain changes. Should an inquiry be made on your credit or a new account is opened, PrivacyGuard will send you an alert apprising you of the change and give you the resources and support needed to help rectify any issues. In addition, you can receive your triple bureau credit report and VantageScore credit scores™ every 30 days, enabling you to review your entire credit profile and help ensure that it is accurate. See details.

For your security, simply complete the authentication process on the website after you enroll in PrivacyGuard. You cannot access your Credit Report and Scores or start your Credit Monitoring and Alerts until you verify your identity.

How PrivacyGuard Helps You Recover from Identity Theft

PrivacyGuard provides comprehensive identity protection. However, in the unlikely event that your identity becomes compromised while you're a PrivacyGuard customer, you'll receive the support and guidance you need to help you restore your good name. Our team of professional fraud recovery professionals will work with you each step of the way in helping you to recover your identity. This includes helping you contact the necessary creditors, filing the required paperwork and streamlining the credit dispute process.

As a PrivacyGuard member, you also have unlimited access to the Credit Information Hotline, a toll-free service that can help you understand every aspect of your credit report. Spotting inaccuracies in your credit report can be a tricky process, but the Credit Information Hotline can help you navigate through all the information and provide support with rectifying any issues you may find.

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