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Your credit history - consisting of all the information in your credit reports - is the biggest representation of "who you are" to lenders and creditors. As such, it's important not only to understand what your credit history says about you, but also how to ensure that it's saying all the "right" things.

Your credit report contains a variety of information about your financial history, including income information, address history and your credit history. Inside your credit report, you will find information such as how many credit cards you own and how much available credit you have, any mortgages or car loans, and your payment history. There can be positive items on your credit report, such as a history of on time payments, and there can be negative items, such as defaults on loans or excessive amounts of debt. Whenever you apply for credit, or even for such items as homeowners insurance or rental agreements, the lender or agent may pull your credit history to determine your level of risk. One of the reasons that it is so important to maintain good credit is that a better credit report can mean more favorable loan terms, lower premiums and more financial options. As a PrivacyGuard customer, you can receive your latest triple-bureau credit report every three months, helping you to keep up with your credit history throughout the year. See details.

Of course, getting your updated credit history four times a year is only half the battle. You also need to understand all the information your credit history contains, and what it says about you. Fortunately, PrivacyGuard's Credit Information Hotline can help you with this.

The Credit Information Hotline is a toll free service for PrivacyGuard customers that can help you understand the details of your credit report. Staffed by professionals trained in the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Credit Information Hotline can lead you step by step through all the details of your credit history and help make sure you understand everything in your report and the impact this information may have. In addition, should you find any inaccuracies in your credit report, PrivacyGuard can help you dispute the information and help make sure that your report is accurate and up to date. Even if you have a deeper understanding of your credit history and can navigate it with ease, the Credit Information Hotline is always there to help you in figuring out any new details that may appear and provide advice on resolving any credit disputes you may have. Also, as specialists in the Fair Credit Reporting Act, your hotline representative can help explain ways that it can best serve you.

Making sure your credit history is currently accurate is one thing. Maintaining its accuracy and helping to protect it from identity theft is another. Fortunately, PrivacyGuard provides a vast array of services and tools that can help you do both.

In addition to receiving your latest triple bureau-credit report every three months, you can also receive the VantageScore credit scores™ associated with each credit reporting agency's file. Since there are three national credit reporting agencies - Experian, Equifax and TransUnion - the information each agency has included in your credit history and the credit scores associated with this data could differ. While some variance is common, a large discrepancy between credit scores could indicate the presence of an inaccuracy or credit fraud. Either way, you'll want to take steps with PrivacyGuard to ensure that your information is safe and accurate. Plus, PrivacyGuard's Score Tracker monitors your VantageScore credit score and alerts you of substantial changes in this score. See details.

PrivacyGuard also monitors each of your national credit files every day for certain changes and alerts you if we find any. And we also monitor the online underground where stolen personal information is sold and can help your re-secure your information if we find it in jeopardy. Additionally, PrivacyGuard's lost and stolen registry makes it easy to cancel any missing credit or debit cards, helping to further protect your credit should these become lost. See details.

Finally, PrivacyGuard's credit score simulator and financial calculator suite can help you make smarter decisions about your credit, and teach you ways to help make your credit as strong as it can be.

Regardless of how simple or complex your credit history may be, PrivacyGuard has made maintaining and managing it easy. Best of all, you can try all of PrivacyGuard's many benefits right now. Sign up today, and see what your credit history says about you.

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