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Track Your Credit Score

Your credit score may be one of the most important numbers connected to your name. That's because your credit score helps determine your ability to get credit for the things you want, whether it's a new home, starting up a business or college for your kids. Companies that extend credit use your score to help determine what kind of loan to give you and to set the interest rate. The higher your credit score, the better interest rates you are likely to get. It's important to take the time to learn about your credit and the steps you can take to help you understand your credit score.

Credit Basics: Why Know Your Credit Score?

Your credit score is a numerical value that credit lenders, insurance agents and even employers and landlords, use to assess your level of credit risk. A high credit score means you are likely to be a low credit risk, while a lower score increases your risk profile. Credit lenders understand this, and the lower the credit score, the higher they must make interest rates in order to pay for all the people in that credit risk group that default. And that's important to remember, since even a basic loan with a better interest rate could wind up saving you thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

Using PrivacyGuard to Help Track Your Credit

PrivacyGuard provides an array of services and tools to help you track your credit. For starters, you can receive your latest triple-bureau credit report and VantageScore credit scores™ every month, so you can stay on top of what's in your credit files and determine if there are any inaccuracies that may be impacting your score. See details. PrivacyGuard also provides daily triple-bureau credit monitoring, which scans your credit files for certain changes that could affect your score. If one of these changes is discovered, PrivacyGuard sends an alert to you and provides the resources you need to assess this new information and correct it if necessary. See details.

PrivacyGuard's credit score simulator and financial calculator suite also enable you to see how making a few changes in your payment habits could improve your credit standing and discover more effective ways to pay down your debt. And, should you ever have trouble understanding anything associated with your credit files, or find an inaccuracy or potential issue, PrivacyGuard is there to help, with toll-free support and professional assistance to help you every step of the way.

Getting Started with PrivacyGuard

Obtaining your latest triple-bureau credit report and scores from PrivacyGuard takes seconds. Best of all, you can receive your new report - and enjoy all of the other credit benefits PrivacyGuard offers - when you sign up to try PrivacyGuard. Sign up today, and take control of your credit information.