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PrivacyGuard provides the resources and support you need to help make your life more secure. We provide credit and identity theft protection services while helping you understand credit and the state of your own financial health. PrivacyGuard has been recognized as a leader in the field of credit and identity theft protection. Explore our press coverage to learn more about PrivacyGuard and how it can help you.

Privacyguard Survey Identifies Consumer Feelings Toward and Activities on Social Media Sites

Consumers Lack Trust In Social Sites, Spend Time On Them Anyway

Stamford, CT- April 3, 2014 - A recent survey commissioned by PrivacyGuard, a leading provider of credit reporting, credit score, and identity theft protection services and performed by Survey Sampling International (SSI) looked at a wide variety of consumer behaviors on, and feelings toward, social media sites.

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PrivacyGuard'S Top 3 New Year's Resolutions To Help Keep Identity Thieves At Bay

Leading ID Theft Protection Provider Offers Three Simple Tips to Stay Safer in 2014

Stamford, CT- January 8, 2014 - PrivacyGuard, a leading provider of credit reporting, credit score, and identity theft protection services, today offered three simple tips that consumers should consider coming into the New Year, in order to be better insulated from identity thieves in 2014.

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PrivacyGuard Survey Identifies Online Behaviors That May Put Consumers at Risk of Identity Theft

Majority of Consumers Surveyed Participate in Multiple Potentially Risky Behaviors Online

Stamford, CT- November 25, 2013 - PrivacyGuard, a leading provider of credit reporting, credit score, and identity theft protection services, today released the results of a survey aimed at observing and identifying a number of online behaviors that consumers willingly partake in that could put them at risk of fraud and identity theft.

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Personal Security in the Digital World
Your Money | Added on March 10, 2012
CNN's Ali Velshi and Mario Armstrong talk to Frank Abagnale Jr. of “Catch Me If You Can” fame about digital security.
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Smart Money Blogs - The Tax Blog
What to Do If Your Refund Is Stolen? - Feb. 29, 2012
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Identity Theft
Don't Get Your Identity Stolen During Tax Season
by Martha C. White | March 1, 2012
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FTC Reports Tax and Wage Related Identity Theft as the Most Prevalent Complaint in 2010

Stamford, Conn., February 11, 2012 – PrivacyGuard, a leading identity theft andcredit management product of the Affinion Security Center, announced today the results of its annual tax and identity theft survey. The survey found that while consumers remain concerned about identity theft, there are some common misconceptions about the risk of preparing and submitting their tax documents, and many are engaging in risky behaviors online that could lead to identity theft.

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PrivacyGuard Provides Tips for College Students to Protect and Detect Identity Theft

Stamford, Conn., September 7, 2011 – PrivacyGuard, a leading identity theft protection service from Affinion, announced today a list of tips for college students to help prevent identity theft. According to Javelin Research & Strategy, �Millennials,� ages 18-24, have historically taken longer to detect fraudulent activity, and therefore, PrivacyGuard believes, been more likely than other age groups to be severely impacted when they are victims of identity theft.

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