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What are some credit monitoring benefits?

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There are a number of strong reasons to monitor your credit. Credit monitoring services, like the one PrivacyGuard offers, can keep you apprised of important changes to your credit files, as well as alert you of potential risks to your identity. But while signing up for credit monitoring services is helpful, it's also important to understand how these services work and how to best utilize them to help protect you.

What Are Credit Monitoring Services?

The term "credit monitoring service" typically refers to a company which monitors for certain changes in your credit files at one or more of the national credit reporting agencies - Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Whenever a particular action is made regarding your credit - such as making a late payment, opening or closing an account or refinancing a loan - the creditor typically informs one or more credit agencies of this action. This information is then put into your credit report for that particular agency. Because these separate agencies do not necessarily receive or share the same data, information on each credit report and its related score may be different. That's why it's helpful to ensure that you have a triple-bureau credit monitoring service - the type that PrivacyGuard offers - which can inform you of certain changes at all three credit reporting agencies.

Credit Monitoring vs. Credit Reports

While reviewing your latest credit reports throughout the year is important for maintaining healthy credit, using credit monitoring services in conjunction with this can be much more effective. That's because your credit report serves as a snapshot of a particular point in time, and does not reflect ongoing changes that may have occurred after your report was pulled. With PrivacyGuard's credit monitoring services, you can be alerted of certain changes to your credit report every day. See details. That way, you can have a better handle with what's going on with your credit and, in the event of an inaccuracy or suspected risk, take the steps you need to correct things before too much time passes and potentially harms your credit.

PrivacyGuard's Credit Monitoring Services

Every day, PrivacyGuard's credit monitoring services scan all three of your national credit files for certain changes. If your credit files are queried or a new account is opened, PrivacyGuard will alert you and provide the resources and support you need to assess the change and take any required actions. See details.

PrivacyGuard customers also can receive their latest triple-bureau credit report - and VantageScore credit scores™ associated with each report - every month. This way, you'll be able to view and assess your entire credit profile throughout the year, and help ensure that it remains accurate and up-to-date.

Getting Started with PrivacyGuard's Credit Monitoring Services

PrivacyGuard's credit monitoring services are easy to use and placed right at your fingertips. Best of all, you can try all of PrivacyGuard's credit monitoring services - as well as the rest of its many benefits - right now. Sign up today, and see what's going on with your credit.

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