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Credit Report Monitoring Explained

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As the name implies, "credit report monitoring" means monitoring your credit reports and scores for changes. Regular credit report monitoring can alert you of certain changes to your reports or scores that could be an indicator of credit fraud, identity theft or just a simple inaccuracy that needs to be rectified. With credit report monitoring tools like the ones PrivacyGuard offers, it's easier to stay on top of certain changes to your credit picture without having to request and scrutinize a new credit report every day.

Your credit report is one of the primary ways that lenders and other organizations use to evaluate your credit worthiness. Having a strong credit profile can help you acquire credit, loans and even certain kinds of insurance more easily and at better terms. Conversely, a poor credit history could make it nearly impossible to secure a loan or other credit, and in some cases, may even make it harder for you to get a job. That's why it's so important to ensure that your credit reports remain up to date and free of inaccuracies that could harm your profile.

It's also important to remember that your credit profile is actually compiled by three separate national credit reporting agencies - Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. As such, credit actions that show up on one report may not show up on another. That's why having triple-bureau credit report monitoring is essential, as it can help to keep you apprised of certain changes at all three credit reporting bureaus.

Each day, PrivacyGuard's triple-bureau credit report monitoring scans your credit files at the three national credit reporting agencies and alerts you of certain changes including new inquiries, certain derogatory information, new accounts opened, public records added to the credit file, or a change of address. Changes like these shouldn't happen without your knowledge, and if such a change occurs and you did not initiate it, it usually indicates one of two things - either some inaccurate information has been posted to your credit report, or someone may have gained access to your credit information. Whatever the reason, PrivacyGuard alerts you and provides the resources and support you need to assess the change and quickly rectify it, if necessary. See details.

In addition, PrivacyGuard's credit score tracking tool - called Score Tracker - will send an alert to you if your VantageScore credit score has made a significant change or reaches one of your designated milestones. See details. A large drop in your score may be the sign of identity theft or an inaccuracy in your Experian credit report. A significant increase may mean you're making smart financial decisions about your credit. Either way, PrivacyGuard makes it easier to stay on top of your credit picture.

Of course, credit report monitoring is only part of the PrivacyGuard story. PrivacyGuard includes an array of additional services that can help you protect your credit. For starters, you can receive your latest triple-bureau credit report - and the credit scores associated with each - every three months. That way, you can view your report in its entirety throughout the year, which is essential for spotting and correcting any inaccuracies for things that are not being monitored.

PrivacyGuard also monitors the online black market where stolen credit card and Social Security numbers are traded and sold. If PrivacyGuard discovers any of up to ten registered credit or debit cards on these underground marketplaces, our fraud resolution team will help you re-secure your compromised cards. And, if you ever have trouble understanding anything associated with your credit files, or find an inaccuracy or potential issue, PrivacyGuard is there to help too, with toll-free support to help you every step of the way. See details.

Getting started with credit report monitoring from PrivacyGuard is quick and easy. Best of all, you can try PrivacyGuard's triple-bureau credit report monitoring - and all of the other benefits PrivacyGuard offers - right now. Sign up today, and stay more up to date with your credit.

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