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1. In general, how satisfied are you with your PrivacyGuard service?
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2. How concerned are you about keeping a good credit score in today's economy?
Not concerned at all
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3. Has your interest in monitoring your credit score changed since the recession began?
I am somewhat less interested in monitoring my credit score
I am much less interested in monitoring my credit score
My interest in monitoring my credit score is about the same
I am somewhat more interested in monitoring my credit score
I am much more interested in monitoring my credit score

4. What is your primary reason for continuing to be a PrivacyGuard member?
PrivacyGuard enables me to view my credit report frequently
PrivacyGuard alerts me to changes to my credit report or score automatically
PrivacyGuard helps me to manage and improve my credit score
PrivacyGuard can protect me from identity theft

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6. If you could change one thing about PrivacyGuard what would it be?
Add more features to the service
Increase the frequency of email updates that I receive from PrivacyGuard
Increase the exposure of PrivacyGuard on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter

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7. Which of the following potential new features are you most interested in and most likely to use?
A rating score to alert me if I am at risk of becoming an identity theft victim
Online tools to help me create a budget and save money
Online tools to help me pay down my debt faster
Additional credit score calculators
Other :