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Prevent Identity Theft With Social Security Number Event Tracker

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Of all the potential information that criminals may target for identity theft, your Social Security number may be most important. That's why PrivacyGuard includes powerful, proactive Social Security number monitoring as part of its vast protection suite.

The internet has become one of the key marketplaces for the sale and trade of stolen personal information, including Social Security numbers. Each day, criminals buy, trade and sell stolen Social Security numbers on underground web sites, chat rooms and blogs. PrivacyGuard scours these underground portals looking for compromised Social Security numbers. If PrivacyGuard discovers that your Social Security number is at risk, you are alerted quickly, giving you the heads up you need to help prevent it from being used maliciously. By monitoring the movement of compromised information in real time, PrivacyGuard's Social Security number monitoring can actually help you take proactive measures before a thief has a chance to misuse it. See details.

Given that Social Security numbers are such sensitive pieces of personal data, great care should be taken to secure it. And while most people realize the importance of securing their number, not everyone is aware of its history.

The Social Security program in the United States was first administered in 1936 as a tool for tax identification and income tracking. Since then, millions upon millions of Social Security cards and numbers have been issued to virtually all American citizens regardless of age. Since a person's Social Security number is regarded as an important identifier of U.S. citizenry, it is regarded as a very tempting target to identity thieves worldwide. In addition. since providing one's Social Security number is almost always mandatory when applying for a loan, bank account or credit card, identity thieves often rely on stolen Social Security numbers as a way to "prove" that they are someone else when seeking to commit fraudulent activity in someone else's name.

PrivacyGuard offers a comprehensive way to not only help protect your Social Security Number, but your identity and credit too. Aside from proactive Social Security number monitoring, PrivacyGuard also includes proactive credit card monitoring, daily credit monitoring, access to credit reports and scores, personal fraud assistance and more. Best of all, you can try all of these protection benefits right now. Why not start your protection today, and experience more security and peace of mind right at your fingertips?

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